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Tired of arranging the food, finding the kids’ “art” clothes, and other general play date prep?

Some Good has got you covered!


This add on kit has everything you need to score a one-of-a-kind play date without any of the work!


Participants will receive the following in their kit:


2 Complimentary Personalized Kids Aprons!


•Local Pizza Joint Voucher (1 Large)

•Kids Drinks

•2 Sweet Kiddie Treats

•2 Adulting Bonus Snacks

For an extra charge:

Some Good Gift Certificate ($30 value)

Handcrafted Gift from a Neighborhood Partner (starting at $25)

Add-On: Play Date in a Box

  • Please review "Shop Policies" for processing times, refund info etc.

  • Each order will require a valid state ID on file showing that the customer is as least 21 years of age. IDs can be scanned to

    Shipments will not be fulfilled without an ID on file. All orders without an ID on file within seven (7) days of order will be canceled and refunded.

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